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PHOTOS: Johnny Cash Mural

COMPLETE WALL SHOT Artists L to R: Audie Adams, Ryan Shrader, Bryan Deese

Johnny Cash Mural | TM Crew | Nashville, Tennessee

Nice video of Bryan Deese, Audi Adams and Ryan Shrader painting the Johnny Cash Mural - 4th Ave S & Malloy St, Downtown Nashville, TN

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

About the Johnny Cash Mural

NASHVILLE, TN - In September of 2003 the world lost an incredible musical icon when legendary singer/songwriter Johnny Cash passed away at the age of 71. That same month, three local, visual artists came together to pay tribute to that man.

Those artists, Bryan Deese, Audie Adams and Ryan Shrader, who each are members of the Thoughts Manifested (TM) crew, carefully scouted out a location close to the honky tonk bars and The Country Music Hall of Fame and obtained permission to create a sprawling work of art dedicated to the memory of Johnny Cash. The mural would be completely accessible to the general public and free of charge for onlookers to view and enjoy for years to come.

For nearly a decade since, the 150-foot long, 12-foot tall piece has served as a Music City landmark, a destination for tourists and fans of Johnny Cash and a backdrop for numerous photo and video shoots featuring a slew of country artists.

Unfortunately, the combination of a near decade’s worth of unpredictable Nashville weather and tourists pealing off pieces of the paint to take home as souvenirs have rendered the mural rugged and in disrepair. Saving the mural is no longer an option at this point.

Thankfully, those original, three artists will once again unify their efforts and paint an entirely new mural in the same location once again dedicated to Johnny Cash. Utilizing free-handed and stencil techniques, the artists will pour through gallons upon gallons of premium paints to create repeating images of the legendary singer.

All members of the media and fans of Johnny Cash are invited to attend and witness this artwork in the making Friday, October 19 through Sunday, October 21. The location of the mural is 300 4th Avenue South at the corner of 4th and Molloy Street. The building wall on which the mural lays is currently home to Al Dente Catering.


Bryan Deese is an artist, designer and publisher. He started painting graffiti art while at Hillsboro High School and then went on to study graphic design at University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Deese has been a fixture in Nashville's hip-hop scene for decades. His publication CONCRETE Magazine has become Nashville's historical record for urban culture.

Audie Adams has become one of Nashville's most well known visual artists. He shows work constantly around town at festivals and galleries and was commissioned by the Nashville Predators to paint a large "Predators" mural inside Bridgestone Arena. Adams attended Overton High School before earning his Associates Degree from Nashville Technical College.

Ryan Shrader is a Nashville native that has an incredible painter's touch. He graduated from Hume Fogg High School and his mural works and gallery works are well known in Nashville.


Thoughts Manifested formed in 1994 in Knoxville. TM crew currently has 10 members in Nashville, Knoxville and Memphis that specialize in painting large-scale, graffiti murals. Some of their recent recent clients include the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, the Nashville Predators and music artists Wiz Khalifa and Yelawolf. Recent public works are concentrated around 8th Ave S. and Division Street in Nashville (near Jackalope Brewery, Jack Arnold's Restaurant & Yazoo Brewery).